Editorial writing about election 2013 kenya

In Central Kenya, a traditionally Kikuyu area, the key danger stems from candidates and their parties using criminal groups and armed gangs to silence opponents and rally support. Being the biggest economy and diplomatic hub in the wider east African region Kenya hosts the biggest US embassy in Africa and significant American and European commercial interests it will be interesting to see if Western commercial and geo-political interests will trump the quest for justice for the victims of the post election clashes.

The final presidential results showed some interesting effects of electoral institutions on voter behavior. He disagreed with the court but he also noted that their decision is final. The Ivoirian people have exercised their right to vote; they also have the right to have their vote accurately recorded and ultimately respected by all candidates.

But more and more local elites have learned that elections need not constitute dire threats to maintaining control. North Eastern region is also deeply impacted by the situation in Somalia and the violent activities of al-Shabaab in Kenya.

For much of the time I was at the NASA Secretariat, I worked wholly with Lone, attending meetings and drafting statements which no one else was doing up that time. We encounter the same kind of dynastic durability, unaided by military or authoritarian rule, in the island state of Mauritius.

The security forces have apparently responded indiscriminately and used excessive force.

Post Election Report: Kenyan Elections 2013

Connecting with the youth who comprise the largest voter demographic in Kenya would be important any day, but against a Government using the youth as its main strength required that special attention be paid to this, yet most of NASA rallies were dominated by old men such as Raila, Musyoka, Mudavadi, Orengo, Muthama and Wetangula.

The report documents and explains the patterns of violence and human rights violations in six regions. It focuses attention on areas of Kenya where the risk of violence around the elections is high, and urges the government and other authorities to take urgent measures to protect Kenyans right to life.

Human Rights Watch heard from Kikuyu elders, women, and youth that the Kikuyu were targeted during politically motivated violence between andagain inthen during the post-election violence of For CA, the Kenyan election was a revenue stream.

Not anymore, Kalonzo vows in front of Raila Ipsos and InfoTrak, two of the leading pollsters, had had a credibility problem, given their strong identification with Jubilee and NASA respectively. A senior official in the Ministry of Internal Security told Human Rights Watch that the Ministry for Special Programmes had ignored repeated warnings about the dangers of its discriminatory policies in Rift Valley, adding: He said so first to Wanjigi and then Raila and Mudavadi.

She was an ordinary, wonderful and beautiful girl. Then, when violence did erupt, the police failed to investigate the role of tribal elders and politicians, who many people thought were inciting the violence.

In response, supporters of al-Shabaab started attacking police and military personnel inside Kenya, as well as churches, mosques, buses, and other public places in Nairobi, Mombasa, and northern Kenya from November through and into early In turn, the government brutally suppressed political dissent, declared the opposition illegal, and initiated over twenty years of one party rule punctuated by the political assassination of high profile politicians.

Following in the footsteps of Ghana last December, we have learnt yet again that it is possible to have a heated campaign and a close-fought election in Africa without blocking the internet. Under this model, elections are either rejected or held as mere rubber stamps, with the ruler winning nearly all of the rigged votes.

At one time in July, Kalonzo Musyoka, the Wiper Party leader, held a rally in the area to campaign for Malombe, only for Ngilu to storm the meeting with her supporters. One was a government official based in Mandera.

He also alleged that massive electoral fraud and malpractices occurred that helped his opponent to win. In total, researchers interviewed people around Kenya, including community elders, youths, civil society representatives, government officials, security officials, representatives of humanitarian agencies, victims of violence, and perpetrators of violence—mostly young men in armed gangs and criminal groups.

And for the county assembly MCAthere were against 10, blokes. Jimi Wanjigi, who had finished a meeting, was getting out, and Lone introduced me to him at the car lot. In a televised speech, Uhuru said that "judgment upholding his election as the fourth President of Kenya is a victory to all Kenyans".

He had been complaining of death threats to the police to no avail. This means you will always be able to read us without roadblocks or barriers to entry.Kenyan general election, Jump to navigation Jump to search. Kenyan presidential election, General elections were held in Kenya on 4 March Voters elected the President, members of the National Assembly and new Senate, as well as County Governors and Representatives.

Kenya’s 2013 Elections

The Kenya Presidential Election Petition of was an election petition aiming to declare the Kenya presidential election invalid. The Petition was filed at the Supreme Court of Kenya on 16 March Kenyatta beat Odinga in - their fathers were also political rivals in the s Video Kenya election 'Smooth process' reported in Nairobi.

New York Times Retracts Editorial Calling Raila a ‘Perennial Loser’

8 August Pence denies writing. Following the Supreme Court ruling on Friday that annulled President Uhuru's win, The New York Times has written another editorial praising the move. In a piece titled, "Kenya’s Giant Step for Fair Elections," the world renowned newspaper termed the decision to nullify Uhuru's win as 'courageous'.

6 Responses to Post Election Report: Kenyan Elections nkwabi March 12, at am # jaramogi will continue to haunt Kenya and Africa, for a long time.

Kenya’s General Election was unprecedented and bitterly fought.

Kenyan general election, 2013

unlike when Raila was the Prime Minister and shared in Government failures, inhe could project a more radical.

Editorial writing about election 2013 kenya
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