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Her parents seem to think that their is less opportunities for a black ballerina, who wants to make it in the industry of ballet. They provided her with a window of observation into the world of teenagers that she had read about in S.

I find it disappointing but not surprisingeven in a culture as perhaps more open than any other the book world that there remains an inferiorization of certain books on the basis of race. I want to keep reading this because i want to know if shes actually going to make it into the ballet industrie or if she's going to be a failure that her parents said she would be.

January 1, Susan L this book focus on a sixteen years old girl call Stephanie. People will try and bring you down, even sometimes people you would never expect. Ballet class is the only place where she can go and forget about everything on the outside and just concentrate on her love for dance.

Stephanie wasn't that inspiring a character and I didn't really care when she didn't get the lead. Lorri Hewett Booklist Lorri Hewett Message Board Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Dancer Dancing is sixteen-year-old Stephanie's whole life and she cannot imagine her life without ballet.

They also support her going to college and "growing out of" this pipe dream to be a black ballerina.

Dancer Book Summary and Study Guide

She's also having a hard time explaining to her parents why she is so passionate about ballet -- they think she should be focusing on getting into good colleges instead. She does say that the toe shoes are tight, talks about breaking in toe shoes and how new shoes hurtdancer teachers who play favorites and even mentions eating disorders, without it all taking over the text.

When I was younger, I read a book so many times that the pages became worn and the book folded in on itself slightly. However, it turned out to be pretty good because it was about how a teenage girl succumbs to society views of ballet dancers as whites and how she takes her first dive at true love.

This mentor introduces her to a gifted black male dancer who is ballet trained, but who loves club dancing. I adored this book because it showed me how to persevere through various obstacles and how the effort is worth it in the end.

As Stephanie struggles to decide which path to follow, help comes to her in surprising places and she finally begins to grow up Either way, it's a book you have to read.

It was called Dancer and followed a black teenage girl in a world where she was the only black girl. They feel that there is less opportunities for a black ballerina in the industry. It was reassuring to know that authors and main characters shared similar passions for the joy that comes with dance and similar frustrations for misunderstandings and other challenges that can hold a dreamer back.

She still has much work to do until she reaches her dream, but the journey never ends for anyone in the dance world and can only make you stronger both physically and mentally through it all. I loved the book, but there was a couple of higher leveled words as well as having higher grade stuff happening.

This is an "Easy Read" book that provides romance, and feeling.

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I really want to give a handclap to Hewitt for including beautiful female friendships. I also like that Vance told his aunt how he felt about her, and about dancing.

Although everyone else in Stephanie's life seems to bring her down, she remains strong with the help of her mentor, Miss Winnie. Ballerinas with eating disorders, ballerinas who have "peeled-apple" skin, ballerinas who hate their bodies, black ballerinas and even ballerinas who aren't thin.

But her father doesn't fully support the idea of her taking it on as a career. This book was awesome. No one seems to understand why she pushes herself so hard -- not her parents, not her classmates.DANCER, by Lorri Hewett (Dutton Books) The incredibly intriguing book, Dancer, is a fascinating read about the struggles of a year-old African-American teenager as she pursues her passion for dance.

Danielle Ferris English Per. 5A Dancer The book Dancer, written by Lorri Hewett, in my opinion was a great book! I think one of the main reasons why I liked it so much is because I am and dancer myself.

Dancer by Lorri Hewett is a realistic fiction novel about a girl named Stephanie.

Dancer Book Summary and Study Guide

Stephanie reminds me of my self a lot with her love and passion for dance. Stephanie is a 16 ear old African American girl, whose dreams is to become a professional ballerina.

Dancing is Stephanie's whole life/5. Dancer was a fun read with a little bit of romantic interest. The characters were well developed and you really understood why Stephanie was acting the way she was and it.

Dancer by Hewett, Lorri and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at About Lorri Hewett: Lorri was born in Fairfax, Virginia, but spent most of her childhood in Littleton, childhood was for the most part idy /5(58).

Essay dancer by lorri hewett
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