Premillennialism the scriptures and convergent issues

What is Premillennialism?

Zondervan, Presbyterian and Reformed, Some few hold that the rapture comes in the middle of the tribulation, the mid-tribulation theory. What is most curious here is that while Dr. While the problems differ in character from the interpretation of history or theological revelation, they do not consist in the choice of spiritual or literal interpretation.

The Premillennial Concept of the Second Advent The general facts concerning the premillennial viewpoint of the second advent are well known. The chief differences arise in ecclesiology, eschatology, and hermeneutics. The problem of the time element in prophecy.

The amillennial interpretation has not one verse of positive testimony in the New Testament and can be sustained ony by spiritualizing the prophecies of the Old Testament as well as the teaching of the New. Under this concept there is no future hope for Israel whatever.

Amillenarians have succumbed to the temptation to spiritualize the throne of David. If the church is but an accident, that implies an accidental salvation!

Paul quotes Hosea 2: By the author,5. Premillennialism has always been the foe of liberal theology and of unbelief in the Scriptures. He was, however, surprisingly rejected by the Jews. The image probably alludes to conditions in Eden. In other words, figures of speech which are clearly identified as such give no warrant whatever to spiritualize words and expressions which can be taken in their ordinary meaning.

Many scholars believe that this section is a symbolic description of the revival of Christianity from a period of bloody persecution. Note the application of this context to Christ by an inspired New Testament writer Hebrews 1: The prophecies of both Testaments are not literal but are spiritualized.

Such an interpretation violates the very integrity of Scripture. Hermas also is conceded by practically all parties as premillennial. Righteousness, peace, and prosperity become the rule.

The theme of victory within the book of Revelation was largely couched in the imagery that adorned the Old Testament.

Examining Premillennialism

Additionally, the symbolic language of the book of Revelation Two expedients are followed by the amillenarian and postmillenarian interpretation.

Methodius is conceded as premillenarian by Whitby himself. At the close of this time, Satan will be loosed and the forces of evil will once again be rampant. From this account it is perfectly clear that: Such is the historical context of modern premillennialism.

What Is Premillenialism?

Again, a king ruling in a millennium-like ambiance is in view. And strategic biblical arguments for the premillennial belief will be brought forward.

It is clear, however, to all that many of the promises cannot be literally applied to present earth conditions."Premillennialism, the Scriptures and Convergent Issues" Essays on Premillennialism, (Christian Publications, Inc.) "A Jesus Other" (Evangelical Theological Society) Edited Works.

The Biblical Basis of Premillennialism. Sam A. Smith and its enjoy­ment are two entirely distinct issues.

Problems with Premillennialism

God rejected those who re­jected the covenant relationship, Any theology of the kingdom, if it is correct, must accurately reflect what is contained in these Scriptures.

Those who teach this theory are guilty of twisting and distorting the Scriptures (2 Peter ). Premillennialism misinterprets the nature of the kingdom – Premillennialists believe that the kingdom of God is physical in nature.

The Theological Context of Premillennialism Article contributed by [This article, written by the eighth editor of Bibliotheca Sacra, was published in JulyJohn F.

Walvoord was the second president of Dallas Theological Seminary and was editor of. Nov 30,  · In his article Premillennialism, the Scriptures and Convergent Issues, K. Neill Foster, an Evangelist for the Christian and Missionary Alliance, says that the twentieth chapter of Revelation is the key biblical passage supporting the idea of a literal 1, year reign of Christ on the earth, with its capital at.

Edwards was a devoted student of Scripture, including the Book of Revelation. He also entertained fervent hopes that God might do something special among the people of New England.

Premillennialism the scriptures and convergent issues
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